This website is intended for tourists who will be visiting Philadelphia and wish to optimize their dining experience and "locals" (possibly suburban) who currently do not take advantage of the wonderful array of restaurants in the city.

I love to travel; when one travels each meal is precious. I like to immerse myself in local culture, and there is no better way to do that than eat like the locals. As a partial result of this, I have recently become fed up with "tourist guides" as a means of determining where to eat. It seems that wherever the tourist guide recommends is the exact opposite of where the locals go (perhaps due to a sort of "Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle" of tourism). Thus, one of the motivations of this page is to provide tourists with the "inside" knowledge of where to eat!

I am in no way affiliated with any of the following restaurants; I simply write about my own personal experiences, opinions, and suggestions. If you disagree with me or simply want to voice your own opinion, you can find information on contacting me on my website. Also feel free to create an account and leave your own comments! Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Please take the "" ratings very lightly; a lot of them I just pull out of the air. Sometimes I'll even change the ratings of restaurants based upon realization of temporary insanity (or after having another meal at the restaurant).

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Evan Sultanik – Fri, 2006 – 02 – 10 18:29

Falafel Cart at 20th and Market

Evan Sultanik – Wed, 2006 – 06 – 21 13:28

Divan Turkish Kitchen

Evan Sultanik – Mon, 2006 – 06 – 05 15:36


Evan Sultanik – Tue, 2006 – 05 – 02 00:21


Evan Sultanik – Mon, 2006 – 03 – 20 13:49